On Jan-22-2012 event, the entertainment program will include diverse and rich cultures of Burma.
The performers are our Burmese youth from SF Bay Area and local community members.
        Moreover, we will feature a solo show of a Burma's famous singer, Ma Yadanar Oo, who will sing and support for the event free.
We hope to see you all there.

                     Ma Yadanar Oo( A Burmese Profound Singer)

      Karen Traditional Dance ( South-East Part of Burma)

Kachin Traditional Dance (Northern Part of Burma)

Pathein Umbrella Dance ( Burmese Youth, SF and Bay Area)

You will also enjoy Burmese traditional dances like Gabja Lu' Dance ( A dance solely accompanied by rhythmic beats without lyrics), Dou: Ba' Dance ( A short drum dance which is slung from the neck when it is played.) and so on.
These activities culminate in the presentation of the cultural appreciation and the unity for all with the common aim of promoting welfare of Burma.

Heal the Burma